Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Delayed update

The phone network still doesn't seem to be operating outgoing calls, but incoming international calls sometimes get through.

Late Sunday afternoon, the Israeli air strikes on the southern Gaza town of Rafah (which have been ongoing since Saturday morning) escalated with a multiple hit on the area bordering Egypt. Over 10 missiles were fired in quick succession, targeting tunnels which have allowed a certain amount of food and other basic necessities into the besieged Gaza Strip. In the chaos following the bombardment, Palestinians charged the border fence, reflecting their mood of outrage and desperation. 

The Free Gaza Movements boat Dignity was rammed by an Israeli gunship and fired upon early this morning as it attempted to deliver 3 tonnes of urgently needed medical supplies and several surgeons, among them a Devon aquaintence of OJ's, Dr. David Halpin. It is taking in water and has been forced to change course to Lebanon, but its passengers are all uninjured and other shipping in the area is preparing to respond should it's second engine fail.

Troops are now massing on the border and a land invasion is expected imminently. There are no international journalists in the Rafah area.