Friday, January 16, 2009

And just for being clear

With last of electricity for a little while pause on this thought.

We are not a sovereign state. My Grandads house in Gaza was destroed and my fathers and my house. But we had a house before and we had trees and business but when Israel was carved out of the land we had to leave and we had to be locked up like chickens in Gaza. We were told we could go back but 65 years later we have endured nothing but being prisoners and recently in these times Hamas has become strong and tho not everyone lies them they want to stand up but when they strike out at the land of the people who have imprisoned them THE WORLD CONDEMNS THEM AS TERRORISTS??

You are either hiding from the truth or you support Israel right or wrong. I would rather argue against that person as at least he is honest.

Is not "the Jews" is not "Israel" is not "Zionism" it is the Occupation.

End the Occupation. Compensate the people who lost their lands. Grant us a Sovereign state. Allow us to provide our own services, electricity, water and our own airports and army and allow us to trade with the world our produce and resources and then AND ONLY THEN may you complain at us for anyhting that happens in this forsaken place.