Friday, January 2, 2009

Israeli air strike hits childrens' park in Rafah

Please download links for original unedited footage and photos. Permission given for it to be used by media. Links expire in 14 days.

Footage part 1

Footage part 2


This material was taken on the morning of Thursday 1st January, following an attack on the Shabora refugee camp of Rafah, close to the city centre. This civilian neighbourhood (one of the most densely populated places in the Gaza Strip) was hit during an Israeli air strike shortly before midnight on Wednesday. The missile struck a small park without warning, destroying large numbers of surrounding homes and shops.

A 33 year-old woman and a 22 year-old man were killed and nearly 60 people were injured, 18 of them woman and 16 of them children. Several elderly people were also injured, a couple of them seriously.

Witnessing the attack from Hi Alijnina, hundreds of metres away, an F-16 fighter jet was heard in the sky followed by a massive explosion. The wall of our house facing the direction of the attack shook and it seemed as though the windows were about to blow in. The wail of multiple ambulances was heard for a long time afterwards.