Thursday, January 8, 2009

Citizens of Rafah (you are doomed)

This footage includes an interview with Abu Jamil in what remains of Abu Jamil Street which was very badly hit. Of course he doesn't live there anymore, not since his house was destroyed in 2004, but he'd gone to the neighbourhood yesterday to see the situation and help relatives evacuate.

Footage taken in Rafah on 7th January (link expires after 14 days): (its raw footage in WMV file)

Following one of the heaviest air strikes on Rafah so far, many homes were destroyed or severely damaged yesterday, especially in the neighbourhoods along the border with Egypt. Residents reported mass leaflet drops in these neighbourhoods by Israeli 'planes yesterday afternoon ordering thousands of people to leave their homes. This resulted in a mass evacuation. Below is a translation of the leaflet dropped yesterday:
"Citizens of Rafah

Due to Hamas using your houses to smuggle and store ammunition, the Israeli Defence Force will attack your homes from Sea Street to the Egyptian border. To the people who live in these areas: Block O, Al Brazil camp, Al Shora area and Qishta area, all homes beyond Sea Street must be evacuated. You have from the time you receive this leaflet until 7.00am the following morning. For you and your children's safety follow what this leaflet says.

The leadership of the Israeli Defence Force"

And how do people beleive this is true that all the famiilies houses are Hamas houses....the lies are crazy but not as crazy as those who beleive them.