Thursday, January 1, 2009


Last night was a hectic scramble to get to our Jabalia house soon after dark; the further into the night, the greater the danger. On Sunday night, other commitments had delayed us, and then over the phone the family said any car on the road late would for sure be hit and they couldn't bear any more loss, even new friends like us. 

So we arrived at about 6 yesterday evening, and F told us they hadn't spent more than brief moments up from the basement that day, since heavy bombing had begun at 5am. 

The night was manageable; an Apache helicopter seemed perched above the house for a lot of it, but that meant it was firing rockets away from us. Nearer to morning we had some hours of it being the other way round and the explosions being pretty loud. During the night, the Islamic University was bombed for a second time, and the port continued to recieve attacks - as did pretty much all Gaza.