Saturday, January 10, 2009

The US House of Representatives has voted to endorse a resolution backing Israel in its offensive in Gaza, in which at least 780 Palestinians have been killed.

The body passed Friday's resolution "recognising Israel's right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza"


Is anyone else looking at this and thinking the world has gone mad? here is the deal. The current invasion has nothing to do with Israel's right to defend itself from Hamas. The Occupation of Palestine pre dates Hamas as an organisation. This problem was here BEFORE HAMAS EXISTED.

The problem is that for Israel to remain Jewish this cannot be one country (we'd be happy for that but Israel has to be majority Jewish so no can do).

So...why not two countries (oh, yeah, did I menion we are not a sovereign nation just a collection of refugees awaiting a final outcome (I would have said final solution but that's bad taste).

And here is the rub. For Israel to survive with or without the massive US backing it needs to continue its exports and businesses which are almost TOTALY reliant on resources found in the West Bank (and apparently some here like gas).

That's right....they got most of the land but we got all of the resources. So...for them to survive we can't. And they bigger and badder so it does not look so good.

I accept that. In battle there is winner and loser....but please just tell the truth. You destroy us because you need to in order to survive. Tell the world that and stop hiding behind the lies and portraying yourselves as the victims. Historically yes and we cry for your past but are the afraid are you of being wiped out you ignore your pain and inflict suffering on us to survive.

65 year of this shit is enough please so you might as well kill us all. The world will believe your lies that you just wiped out a 'den of terrorists' not a prison full of families but beware....history may judge you differently and the world anger may make your fears a self fulflling prophecy.