Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is the Real Target Hamas Rule?

News Analysis - Is the Real Target Hamas Rule? - "is the real aim of the operation to remove Hamas entirely, no matter the cost?"

I mean, it's only the democratically elected government of a people with no official country or infrastructure except that provided by the Occupier.

Please...before everyone in Gaza is dead...perhaps try to understnad that Hamas is a symptom....not a cause....the Occupation is the cause....the lack of a settlement for the forcible removal of people from their land....this is the cause...Hamas is a symptom....and the US doesn't like governments it doesn't choose.

No outgoing calls. Darkness and it's raining fire. The children are screaming.

(and we didn't actually vote for Hamas...and Palestine contains Palestinians...some of whom supported Hamas because they were an employer and the PLO were corrupt Palestine <> Hamas.)