Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fida Qishta's article on Khoza'a atrocities in today's Observer

Fida from in Rafah has had her writings on the front paper of England newspaper

White flags ignored and houses bulldozed with families inside, claim residents

When Rawhiya al-Najar, aged 50, stepped out of her house waving a white flag, so that the rest of the family could leave the house, she was allegedly shot by Israeli soldiers nearby.

The second alleged incident was on Tuesday afternoon, when Israeli troops ordered 30 residents to leave their homes and walk to a school in the village centre. After travelling 20 metres, troops fired on the group, allegedly killing three.


"By 6am the tanks and bulldozers had reached our house," Iman recalled. "We went on the roofs and tried to show we were civilians with white flags. Everyone was carrying a white flag. We told them we are civilians. We don't have any weapons. The soldiers started to destroy the houses even if the people were in them."

but please feel free to call us all terrorists if it helps you ignore this.