Sunday, January 18, 2009

the Batran family

Hi...sorry but this is copied from email that was sent from one of the few internationals here and I wanted to share

"While there, heard shouting, went up stairs to see medic S covered in blood, he had just carried a little girl in from the street who snipers had shot in face and abdomen. We saw her father fall on the hospitalstairs, having been shot in the leg. Mother was panicking, shouting therewas another girl left behind.

S, I and other medics went out to get her,found her not far away, S took her on his shoulders into the hospital. Theother medics and I realised they were just the beginning of a stream ofdesperate people fleeing their buildings, many of which were on fire.

This was the Batran family. Faddel al Batran, 54, was shot in the leg. Yasmine, 12, was the girl we went to bring in. Haneen, 9, was the oneshot in the face and abdomen: I knew she had been taken straight into surgery at Al-Quds. today I found out that she was transferred toAl-Shifa and died shortly afterwards. Last night they bombed another UNRWA school in which homeless people hadtaken refuge in Beit Lahia. There are 36 wounded, including 14 children.

Two boys aged 3 and 8 are dead. John Ging of UNRWA was on the TV beingcoldly furious."

And for those who say this is propganda we say this quote we saw this week sums it "better to hear both sides of the propganda".

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