Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tabula Gaza

the building i was in was just bombed. from the 10th floor news studio where i’d had an interview, a series of strikes against the building, housing numerous TV stations, threatened to bring down the walls, bring down the building. the journalists i was with say it was 7 hits, suspect it was shelling from tanks east of Gaza, it’s hard to say really because it happened very quickly, very suddenly.

as the theme goes: no where is safe from Israeli strikes.

and as the Palestinians say, hek idinya: that’s life.

S. asks me the question every Palestinian is asking: “Why are they bombing us?” He adds the bit that many add: “I’m not Fatah, not Hamas. I like vodka.” He tells me he’ll show me sometime, in the future. “If I have a future,” he adds with a grin.